Pet Microchipping

Ensure your pet’s safe return with our microchipping service. Microchipping is a quick and reliable way to locate your furry friend if lost.


Pet Microchipping

Cranston Animal Hospital Recommends the HomeAgain Microchip for Our Patients

Microchipping our pets is a crucial way to keep them safe and allow them to be identified if they are ever lost. This tiny microchip is placed with a needle under the skin, between the shoulder blades (similar to a vaccination). We recommend this be implanted when the pet is spayed or neutered, but it can be done anytime.


Every brand of microchip scanner recognizes the HomeAgain microchip. It will help identify your pet if they get lost and are brought to another veterinarian or animal shelter. The HomeAgain microchip allows you to create an online information database that will send lost pet alerts to other HomeAgain pet owners if your pet ever gets lost. The HomeAgain microchip is an easy way to protect your pet and keep you all safe and together for many years.

For more information, please visit the HomeAgain website.