01 Oct Preventive Dental Cleanings

Dental health is a central part of a pet’s quality of life. Although extremely common in cats and dogs, many oral diseases can be averted with proper oral care. Our preventive dental cleaning and assessment (PDCA) is a great way to fight dental disease and help ensure your pet’s mouth remains healthy.

Our PDCA technicians begin by performing a comprehensive oral assessment to identify potential disease and evaluate overall oral health. Our cleanings feature hand scaling and curettage, teeth polishing and rinsing, providing complete preventative benefits by removing plaque/tartar and improving gum health. This is all done without the need for anesthesia.

PDCA’s are only available at our Cranston Animal Hospital location. Patients must undergo a pre-examination to confirm that they are eligible for the cleaning. The pre-exam fee will be waived if the dental cleaning is ordered, with the cost being credited back to you.

To schedule your pet’s PDCA, please contact your veterinarian today!